USA Football
(Base rules are KY High School Rules)


-MANDATORY parents meeting at start of the season to go over goals, expectations, and conduct.

-MANDATORY team Parent for communications with parents, complaints and equipment turn in.

-PLAYING TIME – All players will play .

-ATTENDANCE POLICY – If player has an unexcused absence from practice, then he is not guaranteed standard playing time for following game. This is at the coach's discretion.

- TURF FIELD -No food, gum, or liquids of any kind on the TURF field at any time.


-Coaches must bear in mind that they are representing LYFL, and that they are responsible for their actions both at practice and at games. All coaches will act accordingly and will be subject to suspension from the league for substandard behavior ( this includes both HEAD and ASSISTANT coaches) .

VERBALLY ABUSIVE LANGUAGE OR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR towards players, coaches, parents, or Officials:


1st – 15 yd penalty, loss of down (PERSONAL FOUL).

2nd in same game – ejection from game and suspension from the NEXT game.

2 ejections in same season – suspension for rest of SEASON.

PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR towards players, coaches, parents, or officials


ALL incidences are subject to review by LYFL board.

GAMES: (all ages):

-All games will be played according to standard High School rules, and penalties will be applied following these standard rules.

-Ruling of the officials will be honored. In the event that a coach wishes to challenge a ruling, the coach must call a timeout. If the ruling is overturned, the timeout will not be counted against the team.

-Only the HEAD COACH will address the officials.

-Head coaches are responsible for controlling all assistant coaches.

-Punting interference from the ceiling will result in the ball placement at point of interference(older teams).

-Each team will have 3 timeouts per HALF.

-Home team is responsible for recruiting volunteers for CHAIN GANGS and CLOCK.

-Play clock – standard High School rule apply (exception is with 5-6, 7-8 year olds).

-21 POINT RULE – If a team is ahead by 21 or more points in ANY Quarter, Coach must substitute ENTIRE 1st STRING BACKFIELD. He may keep the players in the game, but at different positions. If the team gets back under a 21 point lead, coach may replace the starters back into their original positions.


-1st – 15 yard penalty, loss of down (PERSONAL FOUL)

-2nd in same game – TURNOVER

-3rd in same game – Ejection from game and suspension from NEXT GAME

-2 ejections in same season – suspension for rest of SEASON



5-6-Three coaches allowed on field during games. One will be positioned on each side with one in the middle (offense and defense). One additional coach will be permitted on side line.

7-8 one coach on the field.

Once players are set in positions the coaches are required to move back approx 4 yards to allow the play to run without Coach interaction other than verbal communications.

-8 minute quarters. Play clock will be set for 45 seconds.

-The clock will be stopped for touchdowns and timeouts only until the last 3 minutes of the GAME – then the clock will follow standard HIGH SCHOOL rules.

-EXTRA POINTS – 1 point for RUSHING, 2 points for forward PASSING


-No weight limit for players advancing ball

-7 players on LOS (minimal)

-Punting situations – ball will be marked 20 yds from LOS. The ball will not be spotted inside the 10 yd line.

-Kickoffs – will be marked at the 20 yd line


-6 players on LOS – NO NOSE GUARD for 5-6yrolds.

7-8yrolds will Have a nose guard So they will have 7 on LOS, nose Guard will Play heads up with center

-DG and DT HEAD UP against OG and OT in a 3 or 4 point stance – NO GAPS

-DE can be split outside TE up to 1 YD out

-MLB must be 4 YDS off LOS at snap


The all star coaches will be determined by the regular season champion, the Head coach will have the first opportunity to coach if he chooses to do so; all other head coaches will be able to assist if they chose to. If the championship coach of the regular season decides not to coach then the runner up coach will be chosen etc.

In case of a tie breaker for the regular season is between two teams then it will be head to head to decide champion .If they are tied after that it will be determine by point differential example if team A beats team B by 10 pts and then team B beats team A by 12 points then Team B would be determine the champion.

LYFL will let all kids who wants to go to the Knoxville Tournament will get to go however it is not like the regular season the kids are not guaranteed playing time. We would hope everyone gets to play but are not guaranteed to play.

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